The Latest Generation of Turbine Fuel Pumps

Models 100-A, improved 200-B & 300-B, and the NEW 400-B

The fuel pump is arguably one of the most critical elements of your turbine and your airplane will perform only as good as your pump. Essential characteristics include low current consumption for longer battery life, ultra-smooth operations, easy acceleration, all that in a small package easily integrated into the airplane.

The result is Flight Works' family of pumps:

They have lower current consumption, higher pressure output and increased fuel flow rate just to name a few. What this means to you is that your pump batteries will last longer, your turbine will hold the RPM you command much better, without fluctuating and “hunting”. Numerous customers can attest to this. This allows the pump to operate over a larger voltage spread. The end result is smooth acceleration and much better RPM-hold accuracy and repeatability.

Changes for the -B series include several improvements in machining precision and other small features. Also, Model 200-B comes with a new, more reliable motor.

Also, we just released the more powerful Model 400-B which is designed to replace any stock pump from major turbojet manufacturers such as JetCat, RAM, TJT, FTA, and others.

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The Flight Works Team