Flight Works Launches New Ultra-low Flow Pump Models

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Flight Works releases a family of ultra-low flow pumps capable of controlling flow rates under 1 mL/min.

Flight Works releases a new family of ultra-low flow pumps capable of maintaining accurate flow rates under 1 mL/min. Using the smallest internal components yet entered into production at Flight Works, this design facilitates high-speed and high-torque operation without excess flow rate, allowing for nominal motor operation and relatively high differential pressures. With testing conducted into the microliters, and as high as 10 bars of differential pressure with low viscosity fluids, Flight Works has verified this configuration as an excellent solution for a wide range of low-flow requirements.

Though Flight Works already excelled in the low-flow sector, these new models are an improved fit for a number of uses. Primary target markets include:

  • Analytical instrumentation
    • Flow cytometry
    • Flow chemistry
    • Chromatography
  • Pharmaceutical and medical applications
  • Dosing, sampling, and metering technology
  • Minimum volume lubrication

Ultra-Low Flow Pump PDS