Flight Works, Inc. AS9100 / ISO9001 Certified - OEM of Micro Gear Pumps


  • Cobb Design Inc. (USA) - UAV Development Program

    "We have been using Flight Works pumps in a government-funded, small-scale UAV development program over the last year. We are using the pumps both for the dynamometer-based engine development work and the flight test program.

    The small scale of the pump has greatly aided in packaging and weight reduction. Additonally, by closed-loop controlling the pump through the ECU, we have been able to remove the pressure regulator and fuel return lines, further reducing weight and complexity in the [air vehicle], while relieving excess fuel tank heating in the small scale application.

    To date, the pumps and control systems have operated flawlessly in our application and testing. Thanks for the help and prompt assistance when needed!"

    Dr. W.T. Britt Cobb  -  Cobb Design Inc.

    March 17, 2016

    • Watt & Sea (France) - Hydraulic System for Racing Yacht Hydrogenerators


    - Original legacy Flight Works pumps used to power hydraulics for pitch variation of patented hydrogenerator propeller on racing yachts

    - Product originally developed for the Vendee Globe in 2008 (round-the-world single-handed yacht race)

    - Low current consumption of pump allows for optimal power energy output from the hydrogenerator




    Aerospace:Flight Works micro pumps are tailored to excel in flight due to their extremely compact size and weight, coupled with high performance, material compatibility, and a level of quality demanded by the industry. Flight Works has been especially successful in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market, providing fuel pumps for a number of platforms. Flight Works has also developed high-performance pumps for space applications, including micropropulsion and on-orbit fluid management, with highly toxic fluids.
    Medical/Laboratory:Flight Works micro pumps offer a powerful combination of performance, precision, and quality required by applications in the medical, analytical, and laboratory markets. With options for precision encoders and controllers, seal-less magnetic drive designs, high-quality materials and components, and an inherent benchmark of manufacturing excellence, Flight Works is well-equipped to satisfy the industry's many stringent requirements. Applicable fields include flow cytometry, medical therapy devices, prosthetic solutions, and much more.
    Food/Beverage & Pharmaceutical
    Food/Beverage & Pharmaceutical:From tabletop beverage machines to pharmaceutical synthesis systems, Flight Works micro pumps are an excellent fit for a wide range of products and applications in this worldwide industry. Capable of high pressures, variable flow rates, and widely customizable material configurations, the Flight Works product line is capable of meeting a nearly endless array of requirements. Additionally, the potential option for food grade compatibility makes Flight Works pumps viable solutions for specific markets requiring adherence to strict regulatory requirements.
    Energy:The Flight Works product family fits well into the growing technology and innovation in the energy industry. As components in new fuel cell concepts, cooling systems for high-performance electronics, down-hole drilling and more, Flight Works pumps provide the perfect balance of compact size and low power consumption to achieve continued success in energy-related markets.
    Commercial:With the endless procession of new ideas and products in other commercial markets comes an innumerable number of unique pumping needs. Flight Works is especially suited to partner with companies and visionaries in the prototype and early development stages by providing unique custom solutions and a close, customer-focused relationship, and then growing that partnership to reach production levels and mass market impact.
    Motor Sports
    Motor Sports:The fluid output and power density of Flight Works pumps are extremely valuable to customers in the motor sports industry. From fuel injection in high-performance vehicles, to a variety of uses in the boat-racing and concept car markets, Flight Works can offer the customization and performance to meet the demands of these varied applications and more. Having supplied pumps for supermileage competitions, vehicle prototypes and beyond, our team of engineers is experienced and capable when it comes to motor systems and their requirements.