Medical pumps: From requirements to validated product

Advanced technology, performance and quality for medical products

The technologies, high performance and high quality of our space, UAV and other aerospace products have served as the basis for developing advanced pumps for demanding applications in the medical field. This heritage, combined with our focus on meeting the most stringent and demanding needs of our customers, ensures the products we deliver will meet specifications.

Flight Works can rapidly adapt one of its catalog products to provide a high-performance pump perfectly suited for medical applications:

  • Small size for optimal integration in compact, space-limited systems: as small as 19 mm in diameter weighing tens of grams
  • High performance over wide range of operating conditions
  • Large flow variations: from low flow (sub ml/min) to liters per minute (> 3 L/min)
  • From low pressure to > 300 psi, even at low flow rates
  • Materials designed to be compatible a wide range of fluids

…with the product management you expect:

  • A program and requirements management structure adapted to your needs
  • Product documentation tailored to requirements: configuration management with revision control, unique part number, material certification tracking, serialization, etc.

Robust, high performance Medical micropumps


In addition to packaging, choosing the right chemically resistant materials is a key element; we work closely with our customers to make sure the materials used in the pump are compatible with the chemicals used in the system.

Examples of materials we work with:

  • Titanium alloys
  • Nickel alloys
  • Ceramics: silicon carbide, alumina, zirconium
  • Advanced polymers such as PEEK

Applications: from delivering water solutions to feeding reagents to reactors

doctor hand taking a blood sample tube from a rack with machines of analysis in the lab background / Technician holding blood tube test in the research laboratory

Flight Works has integrated pumps in several newly designed devices:

  • Delivery and control of water solutions
  • Flow cytometry
  • Chromatography
  • Reagents flow control for high pressure feed to reactors
  • …and flow control of other aggressive chemicals such as acids

We also can perform conceptual studies and analyze revolutionary new designs which vary greatly from our product catalog for challenging applications, with the goal focused on transitioning these to market.

Flexibility in development scope and deliverables

Flight Works can adapt to your needs/requirements to provide the right product, data package, and service you expect, all that with the management oversight you prefer:

  • Flight Works can handle the full product development, or just provide you with an adapted product you can validate in your system – and anything in between
  • Products designed for optimum integration, including custom manifolds and interfaces
  • Minimized internal volumes/ pumps designed to be flushed
  • Customizable, customer configuration and production control
  • Cleanliness control for parts and assembly
  • Full data packages available
  • Full qualification/validation and FDA approval, if required are available with an NRE