After extensive design, development, and testing, Flight Works launches the M-Series, a family of magnetically-coupled micro gear pumps adding a level of quality, reliability, and performance capabilities to the Flight Works product line.

Originally envisioned as a solution for long-life pumping applications, the magnetic drive series offers several other improvements over the standard sealed gear pump, including:

  • Extended run time capabilities due to the elimination of a dynamic seal AND the reduction of side load on motor bearings
  • Highly reduced risk of leaks, especially under extreme operating conditions
  • Elimination of risks of fluid contamination from dynamic seal abrasion
  • Expanded fluid and environmental compatibility, including extreme temperatures (both hot and cold)
  • Design permits easy replacement of pump section in the field
  • Increased differential pressure capabilities, over the 20 bar (300 psi) threshold of dynamically sealed pumps
  • Increased maximum allowable pressures (600 psi and higher depending on fluids and configurations)

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