Flight Works on NASA’s Lunar Flashlight Mission

Flight Works is proud to support the NASA Lunar Flashlight Mission. Flight Work’s propellant pump is to be used in the propulsion system aboard NASA’s Lunar Flashlight, a small satellite, or CubeSat, slated to launch as a secondary satellite on the Artemis mission in the fall of 2021. The spacecraft which is about the size of a briefcase and weighs 30 pounds, will be equipped with four lasers that will be used to determine whether there is a presence of water ice on regions of the moon’s South Pole. This CubeSat will demonstrate many technological firsts; it will be the first to reach the moon, the first planetary mission to use green propulsion and the first to utilize lasers to search for water ice. The Lunar Flashlight will deploy from an adapter on the Orion spacecraft just four hours after initial launch and its mission is expected to last two months.

What is Lunar Flashlight? | NASA

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