UAV & AviationUAV & Aviation

Flight Works micro pumps are tailored to excel in flight due to their extremely compact size and weight, coupled with high performance, material compatibility, and a level of quality demanded by the industry. Flight Works has been especially successful in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market, providing fuel oil and cooling pumps for a number of platforms.

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In the late 2000’s, Flight Works pioneered the idea of providing CubeSats and Nanosats with meaningful propulsion capability. Today, we provide game-changing micropump solutions for smallsat propulsion and other space applications including propellant management (such as refueling) and other in-space fluid management (such as cooling).

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Other AerospaceOther Aerospace

Flight Works’ extensive experience in aerospace and the unique combination of performance, compactness, and quality of our products make us the ideal partner for aerospace and defense applications. Flight Works is especially well suited to partner with companies and visionaries in the prototype and early development stages by providing unique custom solutions and a close, customer-focused relationship, and then growing that partnership to reach production levels and mass market impact.


UAV & AviationMedical

Flight Works focuses on OEM Manufacturers in the medical space and offers a powerful combination of compact and lightweight pumps with performance, precision, and quality required in critical medical applications. Our service includes a rigorous configuration management and revision control system. The use of advanced materials in our pumps to support a wide range of different and even aggressive fluids.

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Industrial & Other Applications


Flight Works offers a portfolio of compact and lightweight solutions for the Chemical market.

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The Flight Works product family serves the expanding technology and innovation in the energy industry.

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Flight Works high performance mag drive pumps are well-suited for robotics applications where size/packaging and efficiency matter

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Food & BeverageFood & Beverage

Flight Works micro pumps are an excellent fit for a wide range of products and applications in this worldwide industry.

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Motor SportsMotor Sports

The fluid output and power density of Flight Works pumps are extremely valuable to customers in the motorsports industry.

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