Flight Works, Inc. is an Original Equipment Manufacturer of high-tech, miniature pump and other fluidic components for aerospace, medical, chemical, energy and other industries.



Flight Works was founded in 2002 to meet a growing demand for miniature fuel pumps for the nascent microturbine market. We have since expanded our reach and product line to serve a multitude of industries for numerous applications including UAV fuel systems, space propulsion and cooling, robotics, medical devices and much more.

That expansion has been driven by extensive R&D in aerospace applied to other high-tech sectors and applications where high performance, small form factor and precision are needed in a high-quality assembly.


Rapid product adaptation and development

Rapid product adaptation and development

We build what we design – we design what we build

Maximizing in-house design, manufacturing and test allows Flight Works to meet a wide variety of customer requirements in short timelines. Product adaptation, customization or development are key elements of the Flight Works model, offering solutions balancing performance with costs for a perfect fit for each application.

The company has state-of-the-art design, analysis, manufacturing and testing capabilities. Advanced FEA for thermal and structural analyses and simulation software for analyzing fluid/mechanical systems complement CAD/CAM design and manufacturing tools.

With our CNC lathe and milling machines, we can develop rapid component prototypes made from various aluminum alloys, stainless steels, Inconel, Hastelloy, titanium alloys, ceramics, and numerous advanced polymers. We have precision tooling and measurement devices to inspect parts in the micron range as necessary for high performance and repeatability.

We do this product adaptation/development following Flight Works’ quality management system certified per AS9100 and ISO 9001.


Advanced testing capabilities

Product Performance & Life

Our fluid test stands use precision fluid control components complemented by modern data acquisition and control systems based on National Instrument hardware and LabVIEW software.

Advanced testing capabilities

Vibration & Thermal-vacuum Testing

We also have the ability to perform vibration and thermal/thermal-vacuum testing of small components, and use this for product development, qualification and acceptance testing as required.

Advanced testing capabilities