Unmanned System, UAV and Aviation Products

UAV & Aviation

Flight Works was founded in 2002 to meet a growing demand for miniature fuel pumps for the nascent microturbine market.

These pumps evolved into what is now a family of products for numerous fuel, oil and cooling applications on UAVs and other aircraft. Most of our catalog products can be tailored for that market.

  • High performance in the smallest package available
  • Extremely light: from tens to hundreds of grams… not pounds or kilos!
  • < 10 ml/min to >10 L/min
  • Flight-proven
  • From affordable solutions with dynamic seals to durable mag-drive pumps
  • Designed and manufactured following our certified AS9100/ISO9001 quality system
  • Product documentation tailored to customer’s needs
  • Wide range of motor voltage and control (brushed or brushless)
  • Customizable packaging and interfaces (fluidic, mechanical, electrical) for ease of integration into your system
  • Available in wide range of environment and fluid temperatures
  • Can be ruggedized for extreme vibration environments


Fuel Systems for UAVs and Aviation

Our fuel pumps are perfectly fitted for UAV and aviation fuel systems:

UAV & Aviation
  • Control: use at fixed RPM to pressurize a fuel rail (e.g. 45 to 125 psia), or throttle to control engine power
  • Configuration: submerged in fuel tank or mounted externally
  • Suitable with Kerosene, Jet-A, JP-8, JP-5, RP-1, gasolines (use of dynamic seal version not recommended for gasoline)

Oil and Electro-Hydraulic Pumps

C series
The same families of pumps can be adapted to delivering precise amounts of oil to the critical areas of components such as shaft bearings, etc. High performance versions can also be used in electrohydraulic actuator systems where pressures as high as 1,000 psia are achievable.


Whether it is for traditional combustion engines, hybrid propulsion system, or advanced electric motors, our high-performance compact pumps can help drive heat exchangers to extract the last bit of performance.

  • Controllable flow rate via pump RPM
  • Wide range of fluid temperatures
  • High pressure options available for restrictive heat exchangers (> 500 psid)


C series small
For submersibles, whether it is for underwater power generation or for buoyancy management, our pumps offer unmatched performance in an extremely small form factor and weight.