Each OEM application has unique needs and requirements, whether they be form or fit, performance, environment, regulatory, or even desired level of customer control/involvement… That does not mean that every project has to start from scratch.


Our approach: Product adaptation to meet customer requirements

Our engineering team works with the customer to: 

  1. . Identify a pump from our catalog that best matches customer needs.
  2. . Modify materials, processes, interfaces, etc. to meet customer requirements and optimize the OEM solution:
    1. . From simple fluidic interface modifications…
    2. . To a spaceflight-qualified pump for a NASA spacecraft bound for the Moon.

Product adaptation to meet customer requirements

Our approach: Product adaptation to meet customer requirements

... in a process adapted to your needs

We routinely manage projects with a scope anywhere from minimal modifications (such as interfaces) where we provide turn-key solutions, to complete product development oversight (program management, design reviews, product verification and validation/qualification, etc.).


  • Validated product in much less time and cost
  • Project resources adapted to real customer needs and requirements
  • Reduced development risks

Agile product development, focused on customer needs and applications

Our technical team is constantly focused on advanced product and technology development, while understanding the importance of regulatory requirements. For example, a high-end pump used on a spacecraft propulsion system must also pass Range Safety and FAA reviews, with design features implemented for that purpose.

Customized solutions based on adapting standard products

  • Motors with different technical characteristics (RPM, power, torque, and more) or control options (wiring, connectors, encoders, etc.)
  • Special material options for enhanced life, temperature, and fluid compatibilities
  • Customizable interfaces (fittings, covers, inlet/outlet ports…)

Rapid, agile product development

  • Rigorous technical approach from requirements to validated product following our AS9100 certified quality process
  • Flexible management approach: Customer can be involved in technical and management reviews… or hands-off
  • Customer defined scope; we tailor our program to customer needs; some of the things we routinely do for our customers:
    • Requirements, design and manufacturing reviews (PDR, CDR…)
    • Product verification: analyses and tests
    • Qualification/product validation, including environmental testing
    • FAI
    • Customizable data packages for production

Agile product development, focused on customer needs and applications

Agile product development, focused on customer needs and applications

Product classes adapted to applications

Product classes adapted to applicationsEach product has a prefix with a delivery package (hardware & documentation) adapted to each application; details are included for some standard packages for illustration; inquire for other options:


general purpose pumps, including chemical, energy, etc. made using our ISO9001/AS9100 certified quality management system


pumps for aviation and UAV applications; standard U-class package includes customer configuration control with ICD and CAD model (external)


pumps for spaceflight applications; standard S-class package includes customer configuration control with ICD, CAD model (external); design for vibration, vacuum, and radiation; assembly with component tracking, precision cleaning, and ATP (acceptance test procedure) data package


general aerospace


medical solutions, which include supporting a wide range of fluids


Regardless of the application, we can tailor our design, manufacturing and delivery packages to meet customer needs.

Examples of customization for OEM and special applications

From interface customization…


Minimal product modification with custom fluidic and mechanical interface to ensure perfect integration in customer system.

… to micropump for NASA spaceflight program…

Lunar Flashlight

Included typical aerospace design reviews, product qualification for spaceflight with environmental testing (vibration, thermal-vacuum, etc.) and full manufacturing and acceptance data package on each unit delivered.

  • Compatible with ASCENT (formerly known as AF-M315E)
  • Up to 120 ml/min @ 350 psid
  • Approx. 235 g
  • 22 mm diameter

… or for cryogenic fluids (liquid oxygen, liquid methane, LNG, etc.)…

Cryo Pump

Flight Works developed one of the smallest cryogenic pumps, if not the smallest:

  • Compatible with: liquid oxygen (LOX, -183C), liquid methane or LNG, liquid nitrogen (-196 C)
  • Over 1 L/min @ 100 psid
  • Less than 250 g
  • 22 mm diameter

… or high-pressure hydraulic applications

Silver Pump

Hydraulic pump for robotics application

  • Hydraulic fluid
  • 500 ml/min
  • Up to 1,000 psid