Four series to meet your micropump needs

From the coreless C-Series with dynamic seal to the most versatile MX-Series powered by high-end brushless motors, our micropump catalog offers a solution that will meet your needs.

Explore typical catalog pump characteristics below; if you do not find a pump that suits your needs, please contact us directly.






Flow rate
Up to 400 ml/minUp to 2.2 L/minUp to 2.5 L/min**Up to 2.5 L/min**
Max pressure*
Up to 200 psiUp to 300 psiUp to 300 psid**Up to 300 psid**
D: 20 to 24 mm
L: 36 to 58 mm
Weight: 60 to 105 g
D: 19 to 30 mm
L: 50 to 100 mm
Weight: 95 to 500 g
D: 19 to 30 mm
L: 63 to 160 mm
Weight: 65 to 750 g
D: 19 to 30 mm
L: 63 to 160 mm
Weight: 65 to 750 g
Light oils, fuels,
5° to 85°C
2 to 100 cP
Light oils, fuels,
5° to 85°C
2 to 100 cP
Most, including corrosive & hazardous
-40° to 125°C**
<0.5 to 100 c
Most, including corrosive & hazardous
-40° to 125°C**
<0.5 to 100 cP

* fluid dependent

*** wider range available with special configuration


Choosing the right pump

Follow these steps below to find a pump for your application, or contact one of our Sales Engineers for more information.

Flow rate and pressure rise needed drive the size of the pump – and its power consumption:

  • Depending on the application, typical RPMs are in the 5000-15,000 RPM range
  • Lower speed can be used for very low flows and dosing with accurate feedback, e.g. with the addition of an optional encoder
  • Flow rate controlled by varying pump RPM (i.e. voltage to the pump)
  • Over 150 psia pump outlet pressure most likely requires mag drive (MC/MX-Series)


Fluid and application drives use of magnetic coupling vs. pump with dynamic seal:

  • Low viscosity fluids (water and lower): use magnetic drive
  • Medium viscosity fluids (light oils, kerosene, JET-A, JP-8…) and high viscosity fluids (glycols, oils…): dynamic seal is an excellent candidate for modest life (hundreds of hours) if the temperature stays above 5C and pump outlet pressure is less than 150 psia; use mag drive otherwise; use mag drive for gasoline
  • High life (high hundreds to thousands of hrs targeted): use mag drive
  • Toxic/corrosive fluids: use mag drive to decrease risks of leaks


Pump electric motor type - coreless vs. brushless (C/MC vs. X/MX), is a balance between ease of control and life/reliability

  • Coreless: excellent life and reliability electric motors with pump control via direct voltage to pump
  • Brushless: longer life/increased reliability electric motors with pump control via 3-phase motor controller, with sensor feedback (hall sensors or encoder) or without (sensorless/back-EMF)

Note: This general guidance is provided for information only and does not imply suitability of product for a particular application – consult our Sales engineers to ensure proper selection.


Understanding Product Options

Each pump model usually comes in multiple voltages for ease of integration and control. For example, X01/X03/X04 correspond to 12/24/48 V motor windings of a 25 W pump.

Each pump model usually comes with four standard sets of wetted materials and configurations:

  • -O: light oils and fuels
  • -H: hydraulic oils
  • -W: water and non-corrosive aqueous solutions
  • -C: corrosive fluids

Options available (partial list – contact us for full list):

  • High pressure: > 150 psid
  • Full product specifications
  • Customer configuration control
  • ATP data on each unit delivered
  • and more…