1000 psi in the palm of your hand

Flight Works, Inc. is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high precision micro gear pumps that provide smooth, pulse-free operations for pumping a wide range of fluids. Our pumps are ideally suited for applications requiring a power dense product (i.e. high performance in a small size), with a high level of quality and reliability.

We specialize in adapting pumps from our catalog to meet the demanding needs of OEMs and R&D organizations, for applications ranging from chemical dosing (sub ml/min at low pressure) to space propulsion applications (several L/min at hundreds of psi).  We can produce from single piece for prototyping purposes to larger, typical OEM, serial production of hundreds to thousands of units.

We design what we build. We build what we design.


Pump Catalog

Flight Works micropump products are organized by DC motor drive type (brushed-C or brushless-X) and whether a dynamic seal or magnetic drive (M) is used between the motor and pump subassemblies.

Flight Works uses high-end coreless brushed motors (C-Series) for quality and reliability. Longer life and increased reliability can be achieved with brushless motors (X-Series) which require a three-phase controller to drive the pump (with or without speed/position sensor feedback).

The dynamic seal versions are excellent candidates for lower flows, low pressure, and moderate life with medium viscosity fluids (fuels, oils, etc.). More challenging applications, such as use of thin or toxic chemicals, or increased pressure, temperatures (from cryogenic to hot fluids), operating life, etc., are addressed with the magnetic drive pumps which can be configured with either brushed (MC-Series) or brushless (MX-Series) motors.

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Explore typical catalog pump characteristics below; if you do not find a pump that suits your needs, contact us.


C-Series Pump

Low flow coreless gear pumps with dynamic seal

Ideal for size-constrained, low-flow systems requiring minimal power consumption and simple control

  • Diameter: < 24 mm
  • Flow range: up to 400 ml/min
  • Pressure range: up to 200 psid

X-Series Pump

Brushless gear pumps with dynamic seal

Ideal for medium-life, high power density systems, especially for fuel and oils. Requires 3-phase controller.

  • Diameter: 19-30 mm
  • Flow range: Up to 2.2 L/min
  • Pressure range: Up to 300 psid

MC-Series Pump

Mag-drive coreless gear pump

Ideal for high-life, high power density systems, with corrosive/toxic or thin fluids, where a near “continuous” DC voltage is applied to a high-end coreless motor to control pump RPM.

  • Diameter: 19-30 mm
  • Flow range: up to 2.5 L/min
  • Pressure range: up to 300 psid with options for up to 1,000 psid

MX-Series Pump

Mag-drive brushless gear pump

Our most expansive series, it can meet a versatile range of applications with a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Ideal for high-life, high power-density systems, with corrosive/toxic or thin fluids, especially in the chemical, aerospace, robotics, and hydraulics markets. Requires 3-phase controller.

  • Diameter: 19-30 mm
  • Flow range: up to 2.5 L/min
  • Pressure range: up to 300 psid with options for up to 1,000 psid


OEM Pump & Special Application Solutions

Each OEM application has unique needs and requirements, whether they be form or fit, performance, environment, regulatory, or even desired level of customer control/involvement… That does not mean that every project has to start from scratch. Instead, our team of project engineers will help identify the pump(s) in our catalog closest to meeting your needs and build an appropriate project scope to obtain an affordable OEM solution. We routinely manage projects with a scope anywhere from minimal modifications (such as interfaces) to complete product development oversight (program management, design reviews, product verification and validation/qualification).


  • Validated product in much less time and cost
  • Project resources and scope adapted to real customer needs and requirements
  • Reduced development risks

You can read more about our OEM and Special Application Solutions here.